Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My neighbours.....

Well, because I talked about my neighbours I think is time to present the 4 four girls that are so famous. Everyone knows that I have 4 wonderful neighbours but they never saw a picture of these crazy girls. I spend almost of my time there. Annette (second from the left, blue vest) is "my big boss", she loves beer, her period of Erasmus is finished but I think she continues to be an Erasmus in Belgium (she is the perfect Erasmus Girl). Athanasia (first from the left, green vest) is my sister in Amsterdam, she loves dance and parties, she is smart but she never want study, maybe she do not need :). Catharine (third from left) the really advance master student from Barcelona (in the truth she is from Greece but for me she is from Barcelona, a long story) that knows how to dress well, she is the girl that study a lot but she loves parties, good parties. And finally the crazy Susanna, bella ragazza from Italy, she never stop, she jump all the time, she loves the gym and now she loves martini. Some times they are 5, when the fifth element comes they are so happy, they jump on the table, they scream and then they play together a game “Catch the mouse with the vacuum cleaner”.
Well, I do not have more words to describe that house because it is too special to describe with my bad English. I love you girls.

Rómulo………… :)


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